How we are different from other translation companies

About Us

It’s more than translations, its what we do before, during and after that makes all the difference.

The goal of CadenceTrans is to do everything we can to deliver the best services in translation to companies interested in refining their marketing message to specific locales in the world. Our charter is in our name: translation services which may be:

– localizing market research studies so our clients’ products continue to be relevant, successful and refined for the markets they serve

– translation of marketing materials for Conferences anywhere and everywhere

– subtitling and localization of audio visual presentations

– website content

– voice-overs

How are we different from other translation companies?

We think about two things: our client and our client’s clients. In every project that we touch, the end goal is: What could we possibly do more to delight the Client?

We don’t treat projects like a logistical challenge: packages moving in an assembly line and completing the project so we can deal with the next one. CadenceTrans project managers approach each project in a systematic way. We review the content in the context of the end goal, whether its French, German or Chinese. We check for inconsistencies, because even source documents may have mistakes. We look for any red flags that we may need to clarify with the client. We consult with the Client to make sure we understand what we have to do. Because if we don’t understand it, then neither will the translator.

If you want your message to ring true regardless of geographic market, partner with CadenceTrans for all your global messaging needs.