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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CADENCEtrans?


    CADENCEtrans is a new, though experienced translation agency, providing services of human translation and localization of content, software and websites. Our translations are performed by quality-inspired professional native speaking translators. Our PMs work intimately with the Client and the translator to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • What languages do you translate into?


    We have experience in over 35 languages. We partner with regional translation companies who share the same quality and ethics to extend our services into Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

  • How do I count the words in my document?


    If the document is in Microsoft® Word®, use the “Word Count” function in the Tools menu, or our own word count tool. Just send us the result. Otherwise, if the document is in another format (print, HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.), send us the file by e-mail. We will count the words for you and send you a quick quote.

  • What can you translate into?


    Formats are usually prioritized by the client’s source document– whatever is easier for the client. Translators usually don’t work in every software – it’s too cost prohibitive for translators to be able to work with every software. Our specialists will parse out data from a native software environment, then assign o to the translator in an industry standard business software and when we get it back, we parse it right back. Makes perfect sense!

  • How much does a translation cost?


    Prices vary based on the length, subject matter and format of the content. We’ll provide an estimate as soon as we receive the document.

  • What is your turnaround time?


    When do you need it? If we can work with your requirements, we will do everything we can to deliver. Quality demands time and communication is key. If we have any issues, we will let you know right away.

  • What guarantees do you give regarding quality?


    We work exclusively with certified native-speaker translators. Our experience spans over 15 years as a multi-lingual language services provider. We offer two key guarantees on quality and delivery. The first is specified in our Service contract: if you reasonably dispute the quality of the translation, we will do an editorial review, at our expense. The second is even more persuasive: 45 day payment terms. We strive to keep our clients delighted with our work.

  • How do I send you a document?


    Send your document to pm@cadencetrans.com. We’ll analyze the project and send you a quote right away.

  • How do I pay?


    We accept the following payment methods:

    Bank transfer