I celebrate the translator as an ARTIST

2014-06-02 13:19:04

People tell me the translation industry is doomed by Google Translate. I have more faith in the human process than the naysayers suggest. I use the analogy of artesanal products as what translation is all about. I look at our process and what we do is like digital embroidery and I celebrate the uniqueness of our work. Machine translation is fine for large volume projects. But if you want accuracy, clarity and if the results of the translation are going to determine a corporate strategy or product positioning, you had better contract with the finest company for your translations – CADENCEtrans.

All too often, translation agencies say nothing more about the translators beyond saying they have 7000 translators. I want to celebrate the translator as ARTISTS because indeed, the best ones in the business are. They make the word resonate.

Its not about the quantity, its about the quality. CadenceTrans values our relationship with translators because they are the y in the equation: x + y = CADENCEtrans

We don’t have 7,000 translators in our database. We have fewer than 200. But we know they are the best in the business.