India as a Global Consumer

2015-02-04 02:47:10

Companies are now paying attention to India as a global internet buyer/consumer of goods, services and content. There are 1.2 billion people in India and are increasingly affluent, savvy internet users and buyers. So it makes sense to reach out to India.

The official languages in India are Hindi and English.
The languages that are most important after Hindi are:

– Bengali
– Telugu
– Marathi
– Tamil
– Urdu
– Gujarati
– Kannada

For each of these languages, there are about 30 to 60 million people who speak these languages.
Obviously not all these people make a habit of shopping in the internet.

If you assume that one tenth of these people use the internet, then you are still reaching 3 to 6,000,000 people. If you assume that one fourth of these users could be your clients, then your sampling grows to 9 to 15 million people.

As far as translation into these languages, be very aware that there are major pitfalls you can avoid by partnering with Font incompatibilities, OS system incompatibilities, old versus modern style preferences, different rules for numeric display and punctuation are some of the issues to know about. All the above languages have different fonts and scripts so make sure you have the necessary fonts.

The time zone difference is a huge issue. It takes 2 days to get a response from Indian translators because of time zone differences. Many indian companies work around this by providing partial coverage but what you won’t realize until too late, is that the service provider may not be available after 9 am US time.

Experience is key – partner with professionals who know what they are doing.