Our translations are powered by human creativity and intelligence


Translation has become almost synonymous with an “automatic”, machine process. Not at CadenceTrans. Our translations are powered by human creativity and intelligence. Our translators may use translation tools but the most important aspect to the process is the experience of the team.

It starts with:

The Project manager (the PM)

CadenceTrans has excellent PMs. PMs must be multi-lingual, they have to understand languages. They are responsible for communication to the Client and the Translator. The PM reviews the project and determines any ambiguities that may arise during translation, check the scope of the project and how much time it will take to complete the process. The PM also elects the most appropriate translation team to work on the project, given the subject matter and desired completion.

The Translator

The translators associated with CadenceTrans are not just experienced, they are the best in their profession. They have logged in loads of time performing translations in the topics for which our clients require translations. They also do research into projects to ensure that new terminologies are more relevant as a result of the internet. Lastly, they are professionals who deliver quality work when it is due.

After the initial translation is completed, a review by another set of eyes are done to catch any mistakes or to simply enhance the style. This step is very important to the process in ensuring that the final copy is well realized.

Once the editing and proofreading is complete, the PM receives the translated document back for a visual check. If necessary, the document may go to a Graphic Designer to make sure that the final document is a localized cadenced version of the source document.

Makes Perfect sense

The Project Manager does a final check to make sure htm tags haven’t been altered and that the final copy makes perfect sense. If its German, French, Spanish or any other language, our PMs work with the client and translator to make sure that the content is displaying perfectly in their test server before it is approved for the production server. Lots of steps, all human and it all makes perfect sense.