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CadenceTrans provides a wide range of translation services, from technical and medical translation of content, legal translation, translation of websites, desktop publishing, to subtitling, voice-over and more. Contact us today to learn more about collaborating with US.

Marketing ​

Your international marketing and advertising teams have enough on their plate to worry about how marketing materials and commercial messages are translated. We translate your market research so clients' products continue to be relevant, successful and refined for the markets they serve.


Pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers rely on us for localization of their most sensitive documents. We'll make sure the information is accurate, understandable and relevant locally.


Our clients typically have discussion books or manuals that require graphic design expertise in Indesign. The content is translated by our excellent translator teams, edited and then overlayed with the images and correctly size to reflect the original content.

Translations: How they work.

Translation has become almost synonymous with an “automatic”, machine process. Not at CadenceTrans. Our translations are powered by human creativity and intelligence. Our translators may use translation tools but the most important aspect to the process is the experience of the team.

CadenceTrans has excellent PMs. PMs must be multi-lingual, they have to understand languages. They are responsible for communication to the Client and the Translator. The PM reviews the project and determines any ambiguities that may arise during translation, check the scope of the project and how much time it will take to complete the process. The PM also elects the most appropriate translation team to work on the project, given the subject matter and desired completion.

The translators associated with CadenceTrans are not just experienced, they are the best in their profession. They have logged in loads of time performing translations in the topics for which our clients require translations. They also do research into projects to ensure that new terminologies are more relevant as a result of the internet. Lastly, they are professionals who deliver quality work when it is due.

After the initial translation is completed, a review by another set of eyes are done to catch any mistakes or to simply enhance the style. This step is very important to the process in ensuring that the final copy is well realized.

Once the editing and proofreading is complete, the PM receives the translated document back for a visual check. If necessary, the document may go to a Graphic Designer to make sure that the final document is a localized cadenced version of the source document.

The Project Manager does a final check to make sure htm tags haven’t been altered and that the final copy makes perfect sense. If its German, French, Spanish or any other language, our PMs work with the client and translator to make sure that the content is displaying perfectly in their test server before it is approved for the production server. Lots of steps, all human and it all makes perfect sense.


It’s more than translations, it’s what we do before, during and after that makes all the difference. The goal of CadenceTrans™ is to do everything we can to deliver the best services in translation to companies interested in refining their marketing message to specific locales in the world. 

You have a script and you need it in an audio file in 5 languages? Our voiceover work is conducted by partners in Europe and in the USA.
Client has an audio recording from an interview and it was recorded in Germany or Italy. They need a transcript FAST and the text converted into English. 
Subtitling is adding subtitles to a video file. CadenceTrans performs subtitling for a global audience. Examples of work we do? Companies typically offer training material in English.
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Our charter is in our name, translation services which may be:

Frequently asked Questions

Prices vary based on the length, subject matter and format of the content. We’ll provide an estimate as soon as we receive the document.

We have experience in over 35 languages. We partner with regional companies who share the same quality and ethics to extend our services into Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

If the document is in Microsoft® Word®, use the “Word Count” function in the Tools menu, or our own word count tool. Just send us the result. Otherwise, if the document is in another format (print, HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.), send us the file by email. We will count the words for you and send you a quick quote.

Formats are usually prioritized by the client’s source document– whatever is easier for the client. Translators usually don’t work with every software – it’s too cost prohibitive. Our specialists will parse out data from a native software environment, then assign it to the translator in an industry standard business software and when we get it back, we parse it right back. Makes perfect sense!

When do you need it? If we can work with your requirements, we will do everything we can to deliver. Quality demands time and communication is key. If we have any issues, we will let you know right away.

About us and how are we different from other translation companies?

We think about two things: our client and our client’s clients. In every project that we touch, the end goal is: What could we possibly do more to delight the Client?

We don’t treat projects like a logistical challenge: packages moving in an assembly line and completing the project so we can deal with the next one. CadenceTrans project managers approach each project in a systematic way. 

We review the content in the context of the end goal, whether it’s French, German or Chinese. We check for inconsistencies, because even source documents may have mistakes. We look for any red flags that we may need to clarify with the client. We consult with the Client to make sure we understand what we have to do. Because if we don’t understand it, then neither will the translator.

If you want your message to ring true regardless of geographic market, partner with CadenceTransfor all your global messaging needs.

Customizable 85%
Accurate 100%
Fast 90%


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Our Vision

Our corporate vision at CadenceTrans is to be the company clients WANT to call for any language. We want a company people are happy to work in because, that is how we get the most positive energy from everyone and that corresponds to quality, effort and satisfaction. This is how we remain important, relevant and ultimately, successful.

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